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This site is a useful resource for anyone undertaking Portable Appliance Testing in offices, hotels, schools, warehouses, factories and workshops. Just follow the links here to get to the information Portable Appliance Testing , PAT testers and PAT training courses.




Electrical appliances start off perfectly safe, but with use can deteriorate to an extent where there is a risk of an electric shock or a fire. Just as regular MOT checks ensure the safety of cars on the road, Portable Appliance Testing ensures that electrical appliances continue to be safe to use.


The information here attempts to show how straightforward it really is to make sure that electrical appliances are safe.


PASS /FAIL PAT testers


The BattPAT is a very easy to use battery powered Portable Appliance Tester. This PAT tester uses built-in rechargeable batteries and is supplied with a charger. The BattPAT is ideal for those wanting to carry out in-house pat testing of electrical appliances in offices, hotels, schools, nursing homes, factories and construction sites.


This PASS and FAIL tester speeds up Portable Appliance Testing, as there Is no need to plug it into the mains. It can carry out more than 500 tests between charges.


PAT Testers with Display and Download


The MemoryPAT has a large 6 line display and as well as showing PASS and FAIL, it displays the test result. It has a ‘power on test’ to remind the user to switch the appliance on, insulation testing at 250V as well as 500V and saves test results for the last 2000 test. More information can be found on the dedicated MemoryPAT website.


PAT Tester with Bluetooth


The MemoryPAT-Blu transfers each result to an Android App. The user can then add appliance ID or use the bar code reader of the Android device to annotate the test result. These can then be passed to a PC to produce detailed test reports.


PAT training courses


The Distance Learning Package allows someone new to Portable Appliance Testing to be trained at his or her own speed through the PowerPoint presentation. The package also includes forms and other documentation for planning and implementing testing in the workplace.


The half day beginners PAT training course is aimed at people who have no previous experience. This is because you do not have to be a qualified electrician to carry out in-house Portable Appliance Testing. This can result in substantial cost savings, as well as flexibility in when testing is carried out


This PAT Testing Competency Course is aimed at people who would like a fuller understanding of Portable Appliance Testing as well as those who want to offer it as a professional service. Everyone satisfactorily completing this course will be awarded a "Certificate of Competence".




PAT Tester Calibration

Any Manufacturer, Any Model

Kewtech, Seaward, Metrel, Martindale, Megger, Robin

£55 + VAT