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MemoryPAT: Battery powered, easy to use,

PAT tester with Display, Memory and

USB connection to a PC











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Overview of the MemoryPAT PAT Tester


The MemoryPAT is our very easy to use battery powered Portable Appliance Tester. The MemoryPAT tester uses built-in rechargeable batteries and is supplied fully calibrated with a Lifetime Warranty and a mains charger. It is ideal for those carrying out PAT testing of electrical appliances in offices, hotels, schools, nursing homes, factories and construction sites.


A FREE Download Utility is available to transfer all the tests and results to a PC for using in a report to a customer.


The comprehensive manual, PAT test result labels and sample forms mean that even someone new to PAT testing can be using the MemoryPAT tester within half an hour of unpacking.


The MemoryPAT tester is safe for use on PCs and other IT equipment and can also be purchased as a Starter Kit.


How is the MemoryPAT different from the BattPAT?


   Power ON test checks that the appliance is switched ON

   Long lead button going up in 5 metre steps upto 50 metres

   Insulation testing at 500V and 250V for surge protected appliances

   Test results shown on a large attractive display

   Storage of 2000 results in memory with easy recall

   Download to PC


Features of the MemoryPAT


CLASS I TEST: When this button is pressed, the unit will test Ear th Continuity and Insulation Resistance and show the results.


CLASS II TEST: When this button is pressed, the unit will test Insulation Resistance and show the results.


POWER CORD: When this button is pressed, the unit will carry out the Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance and Wiring tests and show the results.


POWER ON TEST: When testing appliances it is important to make sure that their power switches are in the ON state. The MemoryPAT will carry out a Power ON Test before proceeding with a Class 1 or a Class 2 test.


LARGE LCD DISPLAY: The 6 line x 18 character LCD displays all user instructions and test results in a clear unambiguous way. When a test is completed it shows the test settings, an overall PASS or FAIL assessment and the results for the different tests.


MEMORY: The MemoryPAT can store the complete test results from 2000 buttons and the unique reference number is used to tie a particular set of results to a particular appliance.


LONG LEAD: This is used when appliances and power cords exceeding 1 m in length are being tested. With this function, the MemoryPAT can test appliances and power cords up to 50m in length.


INSULATION RESISTANCE TEST VOLTAGE: The MemoryPAT uses a 500 V test voltage for the Insulation Resistance test. The user can select to use a 250 V for this when testing surge protected appliances.