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Pat Tester Metrel GammaPAT Lite MI3311


The Metrel GammaPAT Lite MI3311 PAT Tester is a battery powered PAT tester full of functions. It is the ONLY PAT tester on the market with an inbuilt PAT Checkbox which means that you can comply with the IEE Code of Practice by checking the ongoing accuracy of the tester between calibrations. Results of the self check is even stored on the GammaPATs internal memory and can be recalled and proved thereafter.


The Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT can be operated in two different modes: Simple Mode and Auto Mode. Using the Simple Mode, you choose between a Class I, Class II or IEC or Extension Lead Test, whereas the Auto Mode is slightly more for the advanced user and will require further appliance detail which is useful for certain appliances. The choice of these two different modes makes the GammaPAT an ideal choice for both novice and experienced PAT testers.


The GammaPAT MI3311 also has an inbuilt battery charger which means that you will not have to spend further on batteries and external battery chargers. Simply connect the GammaPAT into a powersource to recharge its batteries that come supplied.


The Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT has an inbuilt memory which can store up to 1700 test results, and using the keys you can enter an appliance ID number or description to match up with the test results. The results are stored and can be recalled at any time for viewing. Software for downloading from this tester is also available, and can either be purchased separately or as part of the Metrel GammaPAT PRO Package, making this the most cost effective downloading PAT tester on the market.


The long term reliability of this tester is guaranteed by Metrel's 3 year warranty and a Calibration Certificate supplied with the Metrel GammaPAT MI3311.