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PAT Tester - PrimeTest 50


The PrimeTest 50 manual PAT tester is battery powered and handheld to allow for fast and efficient testing. A simple range of tests are selected at the push of a button - earthed appliance, double insulated appliance or mains cord test.


The LCD display shows a clear pass or fail result. A great choice for those needing a reliable, easy to use, Portable Appliance Tester. Please Note: PrimeTest 50 does not have a backlight.


PAT Tester - PrimeTest 100


The PrimeTest 100 is a functional and diverse manual PAT tester. Featuring three operational modes, it is an ideal choice for those looking for an easy to use, electrical safety tester. Simply pushing a button will give you the option of PAT Test mode: Class I and II, IEC Lead test mode or Power Socket mode.


The large LCD display shows the test results values as well as a PASS or FAIL indication. It is battery powered and lightweight to enable quick and efficient portable appliance testing.


*Please note the PrimeTest 100 does not have a backlight.


PAT Tester - PrimeTest 250


The handheld PrimeTest 250 PAT tester features all of the electrical safety tests required to meet the IEE Code of Practice including RCD trip time, protective conductor current and touch current.


This PAT Tester also includes a 250V DC insulation test suitable for testing sensitive electrical appliances and surge protected leads, and can test 3 phase industrial plant and equipment*. Connecting this battery-powered tester to a mains supply allows protective conductor current or touch current measurements to be made automatically. All electrical safety tests are carried out against pre-set limits with measured test result values and clear PASS/FAIL indication on a large display.


*Adaptor required for 3 phase testing.

*Please note the PrimeTest 250 PAT Tester does not have a backlight.


PAT Tester - PrimeTest 350


The PrimeTest 350 PAT tester enables fast and efficient portable appliance testing. This handheld battery powered tester stores results and connects wirelessly to results printers and barcode scanners.


The PrimeTest 350's data logging feature means results, asset IDs, location and other data can be stored and transferred to PAT testing software such as the Seaward PATGuard Elite package for record keeping and traceability. Its vast range of tests include alternative leakage, 250V insulation and load is measured during the protective conductor and touch current tests.