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Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing


The Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing is a practical work that gives sensible answers to the sort of questions faced by most people undertaking PAT testing. It is intended to be much easier to understand than the IEE Code of Practice.


It strikes a balance between giving enough technical background where necessary, and easy to follow practical advice in implementing a PAT testing scheme. For example someone wanting to undertake PAT testing using a PASS/FAIL PAT Tester need only read through the Overview, Planning and Doing the Work sections to get started. If they come across any appliances that they are not quite sure how to test, then a quick look within the Test Examples section should provide an answer.



Starting and Running a PAT Testing Business


PAT testing as a business seems to be attractive to many people. Most people have come across it in their working life, it seems fairly easy to do and generates a reasonable income. It also has the added benefits of something that companies have to do (to meet their Health & Safety obligations) and has the possibility of repeat business every year. At the in-depth PAT course that we regularly run at First Stop Safety, we get many delegates intent on starting their own PAT testing business.


On the course they learn all the technical skills necessary to provide the service to their customers. They also get a grounding on managing the system and the required paperwork. However there is more to running a successful PAT testing business than attending a course. A successful business needs to take many other things into consideration such as pricing, competition, marketing, customer service and the boring bits such as bookkeeping.





IEE Code of Practice for PAT Testing


This "Code of Practice" has been revised to reflect current best practice. It gives guidance to those responsible for the inspection, testing and maintenance of electrical appliances. The text specifies the frequency and scope of inspections and testing in different environments. The new revision is printed in colour and includes many drawings aimed at helping to identify common problems.