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Sample Chapter  1.2 Market Potential


What types of organisations are going to require the services of a PAT testing company? In this chapter we look at the wide variety of potential customers.


The previous chapter outlined the need for maintaining electrical appliances in the workplace to ensure the safety of staff, visitors, customers and contractors. It also emphasised the risk of fire from electrical appliances that are not maintained properly.



If we now look at all the types of organisations that are required to carry out routine maintenance of electrical appliances, we see that the list is endless. At the more obvious end, we have factories, workshops, schools, hotels and offices. In each of these organisations there are typically hundreds or thousands of appliances that need to be maintained.


In actual fact there are many more organisations that can be added to this list. Hairdressers, scouting organisations, nursing homes, churches, village halls, DJs, building contractors, plumbers, fitters and many others need to have a routine system of maintaining all their electrical appliances. In practice, this means having a schedule for maintaining and testing them to make sure that they are safe.


In fact, in any place of work where there is a risk to staff, visitors, customers and contractors, there is a need for PAT testing as part of a schedule of maintenance.


This means that in any town or city in the country there are hundreds and thousands of potential organisations that will require the services of a company offering PAT testing services. As this is a repeat service often carried out on an annual basis, there is scope for plenty of repeat business as well.




There is hardly any organisation that employs people where PAT testing is not necessary. Coupled with the need for testing most items on a regular basis, this is a business with a large potential customer base.